Now Even Better

As part of Reinforce’s ethos of continuous improvement, we hove made some small but significant updates to our modular case system. More Vibrant and more protection

Intuitive Installation

Installing and removing your Silicone bumper case is now more natural than its predecessor. Just assemble the case then insert the phone to install. To remove, push out the corner of the phone first like any normal case and you are good to go.


Military Grade Drop Protection

Molded from our signature impact-absorbing material, our case is certified to meet the US military MIL-STD 810G drop test standard. The Silicone Bumper Case will keep your iPhone safe so you never miss a beat.

Scratch Resistant

Our dual-material design has a soft touch finish and a tough outer shell to keep your iPhone scratch-free; inside and out.

More Vibrant

We’ve improved the print quality of our backplates, so printed designs are more crisp and vivid. New rim colors have also been added to our selection for greater customization possibilities.

Added Protection

The Case wraps the entire screen so that it will protect your expensive iPhone from drops and scratches

Silicone Bumper Case For iPhone

Exceeds Military Standards
Surpasses US military drop test standard (MIL-STD 810G), absorbs impact of over 11 feet


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