Perfect Battery Life

Engineered so that the Earbuds will stay on snug inside the case. The Case will give an additional 12 hour backup and can be charged for 10 minutes to give 3 hours of music playback

Now Even Better

As part of reinforcebrand’s ethos of continuous improvement, we have made some small but significant updates to our bluetooth earbuds which now has better sound and bluetooth 5.0

Intuitive Installation

Installing and removing your Earbud case is very simple. Once you take it out, just pair it with your smartphone and you are ready to play and enjoy the amazing sound 


Scratch Resistant

Our dual-material design has a soft, scratch-resistant polymer that protects the earbud case from getting scratched easily thus giving it a better longevity

More Vibrant

We’ve improved the print quality of our backplates, so printed designs are more crisp and vivid. 

Added Portability

The new Earbuds are now much more compact in size and carries more power in your pocket! Listen to music everywhere without any worries

TWS M12 Bluetooth Earphone

Scratch Resistant
Will protect your shiny Bluetooth Earphone from getting unwanted scratches 

Bluetooth Earbuds


Perfect Fit

Engineered so that the Earbuds  will last more than 6 hours on a single charge and the case will give an additional 14 hours of backup, thus a total of 20 hours of continuos music playback 

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